The Grateful Dead: Road Trips Volume 1 Number 1, Fall 1979

When you cut out the songs from November 6th, you get a 3 hour set with the bonus disc. These are some of the first shows with Brett Mydland. His keyboard sound is immediately jarring and irritating. There’s still some cool stuff here, but I’d argue things went bad with Mydland. “Franklin’s Tower” is about as good as it ever was in 1978 though.

The Cramps: 1982.12.29 Detroit

Really good sound for an 80s Cramps Bootleg. Sounds like it may be a soundboard. Lux’s vocals don’t sound good in “Tear It Up” — probably sounded better live. Also, it sounds like Poison Ivy’s guitar maybe low in the mix. Still, this is a fun, hard rocking show that’s worth listening to more.

James Brown: Sex Machine

So apparently the first half is done in the studio with overdubs. The 1st side of the live record is mostly lame. Has maybe 2 good songs and 3 really boring ones. But the last side never lets up. Still one of my favorites. You can really hear on the CD where each side breaks because of the introductions. It’s only 65 minutes. I thought it was longer. This was kind of my introduction to James Brown. It might be the best place to start to be honest.

Captain Audio: Luxury or Whether It Is Better to Be Loved Than Feared

I was so excited for this one. It was at times brilliant and captivating and at others frustrating. There are multiple songs that seem to be building or going somewhere fun and then just stop or go somewhere else. But there’s a lot of great music here. Should have been a hit album. But rock and roll was already dead.