Silver Mt. Zion: Milwaukee 2008

Not the best sound, but it’s listenable. One of the few shows with the rocking “Could’ve Moved Mountains” which didn’t get much attention. I wish I had a better recording of that. It’s not their best tune though. This tour is kind of cool for how different songs were played. I should do tour compilations of this band. Or should I? I don’t know.

The Grateful Dead: November 7, 1969, Fillmore West

I didn’t realize until now that “Turn on Your Lovelight” is from this show and not the one I’ve been listening to a lot from November 8th. This is a good show with good sound. I didn’t hear any audience patches. It’s about 2.5 hours. Definitely a bit less when you take out chatter. It’s hard to say that this one is essential listening, but it is pretty good.