The Grateful Dead: Road Trips Volume 1 Number 3, Yale Bowl, New Haven, Connecticut, July 31, 1971 and Auditorium Theatre, Chicago, Illinois, August 23, 1971

I didn’t listen to the bonus disc except for the bonus tracks that matched up with the first show. It’s a pretty good collection. The version of “The Other One” on disc 2 is very long. Also, we get one of the more exciting “Sugar Magnolia” performances of 1971. Not much Pigpen on here though. Probably deserves some repeat listens as far as 1971 goes.

Rod Stewart: Smiler

This album really isn’t that bad. Stewart looks ridiculous in the album cover, and “You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Man” is dumb, but the rest of the songs really aren’t bad at all. It rocks a lot more than previous albums. Sure, it isn’t as good as Every Picture Tells a Story, but few albums are. I’m sure this is way better than a lot of the albums that came after.