Wilco: Being There

I loved this album a lot back in the day. But I also would skip the slower country songs. Still, it had a lot of songs I could really get into. And it’s light years ahead of A.M. It’s also kind of a mess, but it works. I like albums like this. It’s not as great as I remember, but my favorite songs are all still pretty fun. And the ones I didn’t like as much have grown a little.

The Grateful Dead: Avalon Ballroom 1969, Third Night

The only one of these that’s worth listening to. It has the “Turn on Your Lovelight” from Live Dead, and it might also have “St. Stephen” and “The Eleven” too. The sound doesn’t mess up much. This one is 75 minutes long. Also has maybe the only recording of “Clementine” that I have. This version of “Lovelight” really is the shit. It never stops rocking. There are other great ones out there, but this really might be the best one. 15 minutes is the perfect length for this song.

The Dresden Dolls: Self-titled

Haven’t listened to this one in a while. I tend to write a lot about how long it’s been. I think it’s important to note how much I felt the need to return to an album. In this case, I haven’t listened to the Dolls since Palmer’s solo album came out. I guess there’s a second one probably? Anyway, This still stands out as the best thing she’s done. There are a lot of songs that stick with you. And the subject matter is always interesting. She’s not just writing some love songs (although those do exist on here). And they let other instruments come in which helps this album a lot I think. It’s a balanced approach that works. She can be a bit too precious at times. I think anchoring things with a brilliant drummer served her well. A third band member might have helped. Now, I just don’t care. But I liked this album a lot, and I’m not ashamed to say that I did.

Swans: KOELN, Gebaeude 9 2014

This one seemed like it would be awesome. And some of it is! But it sucks that “The Apostate” is all drone and omits the fun part at the end completely. Instead we get a lot of noise. That didn’t need to be 30+ minutes. And again “Bring the Sun” is cut out, leaving just the intro and “Black Hole Man.” Why don’t they add the fun parts back to these songs and stop playing “Just a Little Boy”?

Acid Mothers Temple: Journey Into The Cosmic Inferno

I loved this album a lot when it came out. It was the pretty great after the disappointment of the Melting Pardiso U.F.O.’s album and tour of 2008. And it does have some kick ass songs. This is the rare messy album that works. That being said, there’s still some bullshit. The first and third “movements” are just weird noise basically. And the 2nd movement is a bit of a mess in the middle. Still, it’s one of their last albums that deserves repeat listens.

Supergrass: In It for the Money

I bought this album around the time it came out. I liked it a good bit but not a whole lot. Listening to it the first time in probably more than a decade, it rocks about as hard as I remember. It’s also as weird as I remember. It’s a good fun pop rock album. Not much to complain about. Nothing super deep, but nearly every song packs a punch.