Akron/Family: The Great American Mess Tour, Love is Simple Bonus DIsc

I ripped this with a program from the internet. It sounds okay? It’s really hard to say if anything was lost in terms of sound quality. File is over 3 gigs so I would hope not. Anyway, this is the best live document of their pre Love is Simple material. Only thing that’s missing is “Dylan Pt. 2″ but the rest is pretty great. Cool live version of “Raising the Sparks.” “Future Myth” and “Blessing Force” may go on a bit too long, but they tended to do that. Was still cool. 

Lou Reed: Bordeaux Music Festival 2012

Clapping and whistling is WAY too loud at one point during “Brandenberg Gate” and “Junior Dad” feels short. “Heroin” is shorter but probably benefits. Otherwise this is a pretty good show. Sound isn’t perfect, but it’s good. “Cremation” is especially strong. 

Brian Jonestown Massacre: Who Killed Sgt. Pepper?

This is Newcombe’s dance/electronica album. It’s actually pretty good. If he’d shortened it by 25 minutes, it might have been kind of awesome. But there are quite a few tracks that just feel like idle experiments or kind of aimless. So that drags the thing down. The last track is 10 minutes of repeating music over some British girl talking. So that sucks. I enjoy this one more than My Bloody Underground.