Primal Scream: Los Angeles 2013

Sounds okay, but not that great. A bit bass heavy. I like the setlist though. And it’s a fun nearly 2 hour show. But the sound rarely grabs me. Some stuff here doesn’t sound as good as it does on the albums. It deserves another listen, but I don’t see it going into high rotation.

U2: The Unforgettable Fire

Been a while since I’ve listened to this one. By my estimation, the only songs on here that got major radio airplay were “In the Name of Love” and “Bad” which are both pretty good. But a lot of the other songs are strangely quiet and contemplative. They also feel more cheesy and earnest here. It would continue with the next two albums.

Isobel Campbell and Mark Lanegan: Ballad of the Broken Seas

This is a very quiet album. The first vocals on the album are Lanegan’s. And when they both sing, he is more prominent in the mix. Not much of it made any impression. Nothing irritated me, but it might have if I hadn’t been listening to it first thing on a Sunday morning.

Bob Seger: Noah

This one is much weirder than the first album. Both more and less uneven. There are quite a few good rock songs on here, but there’s also some weirdness and awfulness. This release comes with bonus tracks. Supposedly it’s out of print, but I bet I found an import somewhere. It’s more psychedelic and weird than his first album. Less hard blues, although some of that is still present.

U2: War

This is the oldest U2 album my dad ever bought. I remember thinking it was pretty cool at the time. It’s good I guess. More aggressive in places than other albums. Also more experimental maybe? “Sunday Bloody Sunday” and “New Years Day” are the obvious songs everyone knows. They do kind of stand out compared to the rest, but some of the “deep cuts” aren’t so bad.