Angels of Light: We Are Him

This is probably the most ignored Angels of Light album. He never toured for it and barely promoted it. It’s also possibly his best. Sonically, it has some of the most variety. It has some of his most rocking songs alongside his most poppy and softest work. “We Are Him” and the second half of “Sometimes I Dream I’m Hurting You” are a blast. But when he’s not kicking ass, Gira writes some of his most comfortable songs ever. That’s what’s such a shame about Swans. The songwriting has just totally collapsed, and this album makes a good case that Gira can still write a good song when he tries. And while Swans the heavy psychedelic jam band is fun, I still miss Gira the songwriter.

Oneida: The Wedding

A bit of a bummer at the time. It’s a big departure from the previous 3 albums. Not noisy at all. Very clean. Softer songs. No epic jams. But it does have some really good tracks. “Lavender” is awesome, and “The Beginning is Nigh” is a pretty cool stoner jam. I met a girl at an Oneida show who I think had been really into this album. She didn’t like what she heard. It’s definitely not my favorite, but it’s a a cool album. Too bad they don’t write songs anymore. 

Akron/Family and Angels of Light

Not entirely clear on why they did this split album. I guess it made sense for Gira who didn’t have a full album of material ready to release, but Akron/Family was about 1-2 songs away from a full album here. Their stuff is a lot better. But all of it is still pretty good. It’s just too bad that they fucked up “Future Myth.” That song was really fun live.