Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds: The Firstborn is Dead

This sometimes feels silly when writing up an album that I’ve had for 15+ years. Anyway, at one time this was my favorite Nick Cave album. Mainly because of “Wanted Man” which is still pretty fucking awesome. The last tracks are also still a bit of a letdown. And the album is produced quietly. So it’s not necessarily a good driving album. Still. It’s exciting stuff. The songs are intense, but rarely because of the instrumentation. Sort of a minimalist approach on everything.

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds: From Her to Eternity

This album is quieter and more experimental than pretty much all of his later stuff. It’s quieter in places too. He was still figuring out what kind of artist he’d be. “Saint Huck” and “From Her to Eternity” are the only songs that really stick with me. The others aren’t bad, but they aren’t as exciting. And the bonus track version of “From Her to Eternity” is actually better.

Spiritualized: Los Angeles 2014

This is a Ladies and Gentlemen show. This time around there are 3 songs in the encore: “Out of Sight” “Spread Your Wings” and “Oh Happy Day”. They’re okay, but not that exciting. First version of “Spread Your Wings” live that I have so that’s neat. But it isn’t that good. The sound is good but you can hear a bit too much audience at various points.